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About Mayant Solutions

Mayant Solutions was launched in 2015 as a technical venture dedicated exclusively to the testing domain. We are striving hard since then to fulfil the digital dreams of our clients. Extending our areas of expertise into the data analytical space was our next crucial step as a team. Our journey as a team narrates the stories of hard work, enthusiasm, and efficient teamwork. The development of Mayant has always followed the routes of the development in the industry, by planning and observing each of the updates and growth of the technology industry. Every step we took was devoted to the needs of our clients since our establishment and we have been their constant companion in business development by being their digital partner. We have spread out our services in providing business solutions, web design services, digital media marketing, content marketing, digital branding, and much more as per the requirements of our clients. The efficiency and the dedication of our technical expertise have nurtured our journey throughout. It has paved the way to enhance and refine our services and helped Mayant to flourish in the information and technology sector. With their competency and commitment, Mayant Solutions has now emerged as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala.

Our Features


We are consistent and

coherent in planning and implementing strategies for transforming your business



The precision that yields perfection. We adhere to a precise and systematic approach in devising solutions.


Elevating our standards, to meet excellence. We embrace the innovative and advanced standards of the industry.


Seizing every realm of development. We connect and interconnect with every realm of the industry, giving way to holistic growth.

Why Us ?

At Mayant Solutions, we work with the best technical experts to ensure the best digital marketing services. We provide an extensive variety of digital solutions and marketing strategies that aid business development. We use the most advanced facilities of our industry to facilitate the needs of our clients accurately.

Our Mission

We aim to facilitate premium and effortless business development solutions for the success of our clients. We, at Mayant Solutions, focus on being the best companion for our clients in ensuring innovative, cost-effective, and accurate brand marketing and web designing solutions with proper guidance and constant support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the standards of our services by embracing the best and advanced technology, thus ensuring premium-quality digital marketing and web design solutions across the international business industry. Our business development and content marketing strategies are result-oriented and we guarantee the solutions and services to our clients.

Your wagon to victory!

UI & UX Development

Our creative team of designers is perpetual in ensuring innovative and user-friendly experiences for our clients. They provide the best services to enhance the quality of the designs of your website.

Web Development

Technical experts at Mayant are the best partners when it comes to website development. They will help you to develop the finest website that conforms to your choices.

E-Commerce Solutions

We know the right choices for you. We provide customizable, expert solutions and accurate technical support in E-commerce website development by carefully scrutinizing the requirements of your company.

Digital Marketing

Mayant Solutions has adopted the most advanced and innovative digital marketing strategies to support our clients. We provide the best support for our clients to achieve their marketing goals with ease.

SEO Solutions

Boost up your website development with the web development services of Mayant. We ensure Search Engine Optimization services to push the growth of your website to the peak levels.

Consulting Solutions

The in-house teams of Mayant Solutions have experts that provide consulting solutions for business development and digital marketing. We also provide business development and content marketing solutions to our clients.

Influenced by Innovation!

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