Tools Used in Digital Marketing

In the technologically Search engine optimization has become a necessity in this world of the digital revolution. Digital marketing with efficient SEO solutions, Content writing solutions, and social media marketing solutions is unavoidable in shaping a proficient digital platform for business. Digital Marketing services make use of tools for SEO solutions that ensure organic digital growth for the business. Mayant Solutions is a digital marketing company in Kerala that follows efficient SEO solutions and strategies systematically to ensure the digital growth of our customers.

Let us explore various tools used by professional SEO companies to improve the digital performance of their clients and thus reach their desired targets. 


Keywords are crucial for optimizing a website or social media platform. Using accurate keywords while content writing helps to increase website traffic and brand awareness. There are numerous tools in digital marketing that provide services for keyword suggestions and analyzing customer preferences in search engines. Few among them are listed below.

SEMrush: SEMrush is an SEO tool that analyses keywords and their values concerning their demand in search engines. It helps to find accurate keywords for creating content required for SEO online marketing.  

Google keyword planner: Google eases out the procedures of data analytics by providing various SEO solutions. Google keyword planner helps one to locate the ranking of the keyword and suggests keywords under Local SEO solutions, according to the locality of the business. 

Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is an efficient digital marketing tool that is easily accessible to beginners as well as professionals. It provides accurate and relevant keywords meeting the content writing requirements of your business. With the keyword suggestions from Ubersuggest, one could optimize their digital content more efficiently. This SEO tool provides keyword solutions, effective for eCommerce websites. They provide accurate search volumes of every word on various platforms with a pro subscription. 


Ranking in search engines is crucial in determining the reach of your website. Hence it is very important to check and analyze the ranking of your website on search engines consistently. It is also an important step in digital marketing to take necessary measures to elevate the ranking of the websites in search engines. Listed below are some of the many SEO tools adopted by a digital marketing agency that provide services for analyzing and elevating search engine rankings. 

Google Search Console: Google search console is a holistic platform that offers rank checking services along with others. It helps to check the appearance of your website and solutions to improve the performance. 

Moz Pro Rank Tracker: This SEO tool adopted by companies that provide digital marketing services tracks the ranking data to analyze the latest trends in search engine ranking and provides solutions concerning this data. It is highly compatible with all major search engines. 



Backlink analysis is an important service provided by digital marketing services. While conducting backlink analysis, digital strategist analyses backlinks that boost the performance of the website and address the issues that could affect the performance of the websites. A few of the SEO tools that provide backlink analysis are:

Buzzsumo: This SEO tool allows one to identify the backlinks of the competitors and analyze the statistics of these backlinks. They provide services to analyze the reach of your content on digital platforms.

Majestic Backlink History Checker: this SEO tool adopted under digital marketing helps one to identify the number of backlinks added in their domain and the statistics of the backlinks they receive. They also help in comparing with other domains thus aiding in resolving issues of our social media marketing.



Content marketing is equally important to content writing in social media marketing. The content management system includes ensuring engaging and comprehensible content is accessible to the customers consistently. Numerous platforms serve the content management purpose for digital marketing services. Let us have a look at a few among them.

WordPress: WordPress is a commonly used content management system that is free and open-source based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress provides a great digital marketing platform for basing your website. 

Trello: This easily accessible SEO tool is the best to organize content efficiently, thus keeping track of content writing consistently. 



Social media marketing is all about maintaining a healthy and consistent relationship between entrepreneurs and their customers. The user experience of social media platforms and websites is crucial for this. Therefore ensuring a fast and easy navigation experience for customers is one of the unavoidable steps in SEO online marketing. SEO tools that carefully analyze page insights of your online platforms ensure these areas are looked upon. Page insight tools adopted by local SEO marketing companies also ensure local SEO solutions that aid the holistic development of your website based on your locality. Some of the widely used page insight SEO tools are:

Page Speed Insights: Google provides page speed insight that helps to track the page speed of your websites and other online platforms. They also ensure that adequate measures are adopted to improve the page speed if it is slowed down.

Test my site- Think with Google: this SEO tool provided by Google helps to track down the page speed of the website even on mobile phones. It is accessible to all and is very helpful in enhancing social media marketing.

Numerous other SEO tools enhance the digital performance of online platforms. Companies of digital marketing in Kochi make use of the best SEO tools for boosting the performance of the online business. Mayant Solutions, digital marketing company in Kerala offers digital marketing services in Kerala. We are one of the leading web development companies in Kerala that provides services that digitally transform your business.